Hyper Robin Releases (Da Back Catalog)

Captain KRB - 'Slow Toast' [HYPROB27, 03/12/2021]

Renowned YouTube video essayist and all-round things creator, Captain KRB's debut album 'Slow Toast' channels excited ideas through warm synths, novel melodies and funky breaks. Drawing likeliness with the works of PilotRedSun, Toby Fox and Goreshit, it builds heavily on his cassingle from April to a point of great charming musicality.

1. '7 Miles From Subway'

2. 'Clavwar'

3. 'Polaris Reformed'

4. 'Kruzzer Location'

5. 'Solid'

6. 'Roadway'

7. 'Smackatorium'

8. 'Real'

9. 'Delta'

10. 'World's End'

11. 'Pamyua'

Hyper Robin Recordings: Glowing Orange (A Slow Fade From Thought To Being) [HYPROBCOMP02, 23/11/2021]

The label's first ever physical only release (at least 'til Christmas), 12 artists from the ever expanding Hyper Robin roster provide about 50 minutes of Autumn infused electronica; from minimalistic droning ambience and industrial clanging to palpitating acid and speedy clickbeats (new term?), this compilation showcases the very best of the HYPROB team so far.

A1. Ortide - 'Ionic Snow'

A2. cysteke - 'cold tunnel downpour'

A3. O.Donm - 'Kalter Morgen'

A4. Rakshal - 'bwnLf_50'

A5. LifLonRec - 'Tesco Fist Fight'

A6. Calimb - 'The Engine'

B1. Captain KRB - 'Oats'

B2. Reversed Reference - 'Ininin'

B3. Iplu - 'Canada Water'

B4. Blueski - 'Mosphereat'

B5. JenKnee - 'Puddle Music'

B6. NGMY - 'Flooded By Flashlight Heat'

NGMY - 'Buchker' [HYPROB26, 31/10/2021]

The second LP from Brazilian electronic music producer and digital artist NGMY, 'Buchker' shows development of many of the same themes present on his debut, 'Side Upwards', but builds upon the complexity of the production and is jam-packed full of subtle horror vibes, giving you that ghostly late-October feel in a perfect package of elevating ambience and skittish breakbeats.

1. 'Thwind'

2. 'Ekroplane'

3. 'Indentifier'

4. 'Yohnour'

5. 'Arbo'

6. 'Yric Tardu'

7. 'Yrokts'

8. 'Yrrid'

9. '[behaviour]'

10. 'Barck Door'

Calimb - 'Sonic Environment' [HYPROB25, 27/09/2021]

Fresh out of Edinburgh and onto the magnificent interweb's experimental electronic music scene, new electronic producer Calimb presents his debut LP 'Sonic Environment', - Nearly an hour's worth of crunchy, noisy and spaced out leftfield bangers, this album is sure to please fans of Cylob and Autechre's more aggressive side.

1. 'Stressful Environment'

2. 'Elevator Safety'

3. 'M3 Ice 2'

4. 'Tropic'

5. 'End It'

6. 'Rannoch'

7. 'Kill You'

8. 'Kinloch'

9. 'Sapien'

10. 'Fixers Two'

11. '7 Vultures'

LifLonRec - 'We Had a Quick Glitch for Dinner Tonight...' [HYPROB24, 26/06/2021]

Almost 100 minutes of beautifully melodic ambience, amalgamated with intricate IDM beats and blissful synthlines throughout - a complete melting pot of lovely warming electronic music. Clean melodic thumpers like 'Lyme', grating angry ravers like 'Death by Tape', crazy scattered glitchbeat bangers like 'Flesh, Circuit and Bone' and utterly beautiful ambient pieces like the opener 'Heritage Loops' and 'E_veafevr' (the latter of which has been described by a friend as "a warm cave over pretty water, with fireflies inside it").

1. 'Heritage Loops'

2. 'Death by Tape'

3. 'The One-Fingered Creature Is King'

4. 'Flesh, Circuit and Bone'

5. 'Green Wires Growing'

6. 'Atomic Mechanical Rot'

7. 'Retraced Paths'

8. 'Lyme (Stonebarrow)'

9. 'The Archives (Part One Outro)'

10. 'Falling Into the Unknown'

11. 'Memories of Another Planet'

12. 'Otherwise It Just Gets Nasty'

13. 'Shortwave Rhapsody .2'

14. 'Wanna Fight or Something Mate'

15. 'Shortwave Rhapsody .3'

16. 'Nature Reserve'

17. 'E_veafevr'

18. 'Remains V1'

19. 'LifLonRec Theme'

20. '[ - - ]'

21. 'Synreaout (Part Two Outro)'

Urzla - '3ndoorsoutdoors' [HYPROBNOISE03, 31/05/2021]

1. 'Indoors 3'

2. 'Outdoors 3'

Captain KRB - '7 Miles From Subway' [HYPROB23, 02/04/2021]

1. '7 Miles From Subway'

2. 'Fragments Of Polaris'

NGMY - 'Side Upwards' [HYPROB22, 08/01/2021]

Brazilian IDM producer NGMY makes his Hyper Robin debut with this stunning LP comprised of 17 tracks. Truly a blissful electronic journey through glitching beats and harmonic ambience - not to be missed, and a welcome addition to any electronica lover's tape collection!

1. 'Saint Tune Jo'

2. 'Roll The Nickels'

3. 'Insworth'

4. 'The Run After'

5. 'Catch The Wave'

6. 'Osleadmeat'

7. 'Tau Noes Jos'

8. 'It''

9. 'Fothem'

10. 'Lotra Jos' Lair'

11. 'Mindless'

12. 'The Food Pyramid'

13. 'Panikid'

14. '21percovarege'

15. 'Moscas (Interlude)'

16. 'Of The Greatest Knowledge'

17. 'Walking To The King

W3imaraner VS Palastik - '3 Mince Pies' [HYPROB21, 24/12/2020]

1. W3imaraner - '3Mince'

2. Palastik - 'Pies'

Eko Psi - 'Brute Force' [HYPROB20, 04/12/2020]

1. 'Thump'

2. 'Verbatim'

3. 'G.'

4. 'A Little Breath'

5. '414'

6. 'P-P'

7. 'Outro'

'Signal Interruption 31.10' [HYPROBCOMP01, 31/10/2020]

1. FrequencyLain - 'Canada's Coastline'

2. LifLonRec - 'All Worn And Thin'

3. Rakshal - ''

4. W3imaraner - 'Bacton Londis'

5. Soggy Daisies - 'Metalworld'

6. cysteke - 'ver18'

7. Palastik - 'Crowcombe'

8. Greystar - 'Backlit Mist'

9. Reversed Reference - 'Last Broadcast'

Urzla - 'Knobs' [HYPROB19, 09/09/2020]

1. 'Knobs'

[7-part track, parts defined on tape]

W3imaraner - 'Parsl3y + Remixes' [HYPROB10RMX, 01/08/2020]

1. 'Bizarre Concept'

2. 'Scary Man'

3. 'Ya Think Ya So Big, Dontcha'

4. '2000 And Thirteen'

5. 'Celery'

6. 'Celery (LifLonRec Remix)'

7. '2000 And Thirteen (Rakshal Remix)'

8. 'Ya Think Ya So Big, Dontcha (V@PYD Remix)'

9. 'Scary Man (Reversed Reference Remix)'

10. 'Bizarre Concept (Rewop Eldoon Remix)'

[B6. 'Bizarre Concept (Drumless)' - TAPE ONLY]

LifLonRec - 'Polystyrene Stream' [HYPROB18, 23/07/2020]

1. 'Polystyrene Stream'

2. 'Polystyrene Stream (17:07 Mix)'

Palastik - 'Cereal Crusticles/Trinity' [HYPROB17, 19/06/2020]

1. 'Cereal Crusticles'

2. 'Trinity'

Urzla - '2ndoorsoutdoors' [HYPROBNOISE02, 31/05/2020]

1. 'Indoors 2'

2. 'Outdoors 2'

Narciz - 'Mint Choccy' [HYPROB16, 27/05/2020]

Is it a unique artistic statement? Possibly. But there's also a chance resident South African Narciz doesn't really know what he's doing.

1. 'Deez' Mint'

2. 'Empty Halls Of The Great God Chaaztshale'

3. 'Who Gave Those Seals Clubs?'

4. 'Rage At The Broken Spoon'

5. 'Untitled Imp'

6. 'Haunted C.O.K'

7. 'Techno Panflute'

8. 'Comfort Or Pacman? Your Choice.'

9. 'Tea/Toast'

10. 'Ripple In The Choccy'

"I feel sorry for anyone who comes into this and thinks there's a song involved" - Narciz

W3imaraner - 'Jin/Egoism' [HYPROB15, 15/05/2020]

W3imaraner's first single of 2020 is also likely to be his last under the alias on Hyper Robin. He puts out two very different tracks produced in May & June of 2019 to wrap up his time here.

1. 'Jin'

A Flash Gordon-esque, sinister, simple but smooth track that could just about be classed IDM.

2. 'Egoism'

Quite simply a dirty acid house/rave banger. A fittingly hyper farewell to Hyper Robin. Cover your dog's ears.

Junior's next release as W3imaraner will release on American label Retrac Recordings in July, the deeper IDM single 'Moai/Soda', on white label 7". Keep an eye out!

'Music For The Quarantined' [HYPROBCOMP00, 20/04/2020]

About an hour of intricate 'n' abstract electronica from 11 people around this our planet earth.

1. Urzla - 'Covid'

A rough spacey intro to kick off the comp.

2. Opus v84 - 'High Delay'

Beautiful rhythmical trickery atop a warming, melancholy ambience.

3. W3imaraner - 'Okay Smart Guy'

Sinister pads, click rushing and Nicolas Cage - what it says on the tin!

4. Camo. - 'Smiley Face'

A simple chilled out beat for a sunny day indoors.

5. M-Corp - 'Barrington's Nerds'

Smooth synths and a solid fiddly beat accompanied by some funky strings.

6. unda-grnd - 'Once'

A semi-techno track with a bizarre twist.

7. Urzla - 'Si'

Amalgamating freaky glitches and a distorted DS advert.

8. 256 Pi - 'Ancient World Music'

Produced back in 2015, Mr Pi gives us a nice slice of electro-world.

9. CircuitNoise - 'B.04'

Heavenly light pads and bells plus a neat little drum jam.

10. Rakshal - 'Breon O33'

A spaced-out ambient track with a crazy beat and some fat bass.

11. Soggy Daisies - 'Emotional Resynthesis'

Complete trip-hop bliss with a cracking bassline.

12. Narciz - 'Rage At The Broken Spoon'

A sliver of electronic weirdness from the countryside.

13. Opus v84 - 'Tepidori'

A cut-up abstract techno dream.

14. CircuitNoise - '18'

A smooth ambient backing with some IDM trinkets thrown in, apparently inspired by "this weird dream..."

15. Reversed Reference - 'Hadsap'

An analogue-y track with a good bumping beat and some fucking awesome synths.

16. W3imaraner - 'Sanguinity?'

The last two years of the second decade of the twenty-first century and the friends we spent them with.

And that's about it. 


About 5 minutes of music to keep you occupied while the compilation gets finished off. It also, we believe, features the world's new shortest 'song'... track 2 'Monko' coming in at 500 milliseconds.

1. 'Enigma'

2. 'Monko'

3. 'Plum'

Urzla - 'I'm Not Sure You Are...' [HYPROB13, 27/02/2020]

Urzla's debut LP proves that an experimental soundscape, half noisey beats, half acid 303 noodling, can be produced with limited time and equipment. And since it's actually somewhat melodic in places, this one isn't on the noise imprint.

1. 'Eat A Lemonade'

2. 'We Buy Your Goods For Cash'

3. 'Fraser'

4. 'Who Asked The Fruit Fly?'

5. 'Tea, Jelly, Oats'

6. 'Pebl'

7. 'Walk-North'

8. 'Jabrolter!'

9. 'Scotch Tape's '81 Weetabix Café'

10. 'Firtythive'

​11. 'Easy Goes Aaron'

W3imaraner - 'Inber EP' [HYPROB12, 18/02/2020]

After a year and a month of being sat on, W3imaraner's sixth (though production-wise fifth) EP proves his best work yet, at least in our eyes.

1. 'Gargoyles'

2. 'It's Always Cold By The Sea (Interlude)'

3. 'Just Here Now'

4. 'Radios'

Rewop Eldoon - 'Bubbagump' [HYPROBNOISE02, 17/01/2020]

His debut single, Joe Ess (Joe Shoubridge, Filton Abbey Wood's 'emotional support'), provides a minimalist gritty dark ambience with a strangely captivating sound.

1. 'Bubbagump'

Bubbagump is, simply, a slowed down, treble heavy and reverby recording of the man himself repeating the words 'bubba', 'gump' and 'shrimp' - inspiration of which came from passing by a restaurant in London named after the Forrest Gump entity. The result, however, leaves a surprisingly delicate dark ambient track fitting for a horror movie. For someone who doesn't really care about making music, it's undeniably impressive.

2. 'Bubbagump (Urzla Gubbabump Mix)'

B-Side to the single, Urzla provides a more noisy version with a fair bit added to a reversed and warped original. Starting with a 6/4 snare/kick-rushy beat before having a basic 4/4 beat over the top which throws the whole track out of wack, it reaches its climax as a booming foghorn takes charge. It's... well, it's Urzla.

W3imaraner - 'Fir' [HYPROB11, 16/12/2019]

In a short Christmas single, W3imaraner waves a haunting, melancholy goodbye to the 2010s.

1. 'Fir'

Fir is little but a relaxed, vaguely wintery track with a haunting brass pad and a simple groovy beat. The track takes samples from various winters of Junior's life, these being 2004, 2018 and 2019. These samples, according to his Bandcamp, are of "some of the people that make his life worth living". Besides family, label-mates Rewop Eldoon, Narciz and Virid can be heard on the track, as well as his dog Parsley. There's not much else to say. Sit back and chill out, man!

2. 'Fir (Chiptune)'

An instrumental version of Fir, as if it were run through a NES.

3. 'Porcupine'

​A spooky ambient track to round off the single. Like 'Celery', Porcupine was originally an Urzla tune, featuring a reversed and slowed down portion of W3imaraner's January 2019 track 'Gargoyles' from the still unreleased though long finished 'Inber EP'.

W3imaraner - 'Parsl3y' [HYPROB10, 01/08/2019]

Mr Junior Robinson, the man a few call W3imaraner, returns from an 8 (though technically 3 and a half) month hiatus with this pick 'n' mix of an EP. 

1. 'Bizarre Concept'

"Beautiful work" - Rewop Eldoon

Bizarre Concept acts as a welcome surprise being the first track on the release. It features the vocal of Junior, "The main focus of the song is on the massive behavioural change in my neighbourhood." he says, "I live in a sleepy area of a bigger city and there are some kids out at like 9:30pm acting like it's downtown LA." These lyrics are only the icing on the cake, however. W3imaraner's crunchy waltz back beat and intricate toms and claves on top make for an incredible rhythmical listen, and the sinister synths do nothing but enhance the almost horror vibe.

2. 'Scary Man'

Track 2, Scary Man, a supposed homage to The Beatles' "Paul Is Dead" theory, is as described by Robinson "Fiddling with the drums for 9 minutes, pretty much. I did add a couple weird vocal things and a little evil pad melody, but at the end of the day I found it very interesting so I whacked it on there, I'm sure that view isn't shared by many though."

3. 'Ya Think Ya So Big, Dontcha'

The work of W3imaraner has been steadily increasing in quality since the moniker's establishment in 2014. This steadily grown quality is very much apparent in track 3 of his latest EP, "Parsl3y", the heavily synthed up "Ya Think Ya So Big, Dontcha". The track is almost 7 minutes long, but without a dull moment, the song continues to build for several minutes before abruptly coming down, only to come back in with even more gusto for an emotion-packed grand finale worthy of a fight scene, and then gently fading to a rounded end. Though it's far from his normal IDM/Ambient tweakings, Robinson takes the cake on this track. 

4. '2000 And Thirteen'

Though very few people have ever heard his earliest works, Junior began making solo music in 2011 on his Yamaha keyboard bought from Toys 'R' Us. Reportedly upon finding a vocal sample of himself, recorded in 2013, it's recorded entirely on his old Yamaha and incorporate the sample, hense the poor sound quality of the track, and the title.

5. 'Celery'

Originally entitled "Nilinas" and planned for Robinson's 'Urzla' alias, before being decided as "not noisy enough" and being moved to track 5 on Parsl3y, 'Celery' is a leap into drumless ambient, consistent of mostly simple reversed piano. Robinson says "It's a love song, except when I wrote it I had no fucking clue where the love was really going so instead of being sappy and having 'Carolyn 2', I named it after a love for family which I knew would be fixated. Whenever I used to have Sunday tea with my grandparents there'd always be little sticks of celery in a cup, I don't know why but that's always a fond little memory that's stuck with me." Vegetable or not, it's a wonderful calm end to one hell of a variated EP.

The Parsl3y EP will be released on August 1st of 2019 and like Junior's other releases, there are no shows planned for it as of yet.

ViRiD - 'Driiv EP' [HYPROB09, 23/06/2019]

1. 'Distant'

2. 'Smudge'

3. 'Where We Are'

4. 'Other Places (Feat. Andromxda)'

Urzla - '1ndoorsoutdoors' [HYPROBNOISE00, 31/05/2019]

1. 'Indoors 1'

2. 'Outdoors 1'

W3imaraner VS ViRiD - 'Banquo/Isotoxal' [HYPROB08, 20/04/2019]

1. W3imaraner - 'Banquo'

2. ViRiD - 'Isotoxal'

W3imaraner - 'Phon3box' [HYPROB07, 01/01/2019]

1. 'Don't Be Dipping Like That'

2. 'Teotihuacan'

3. 'McKendrick'

4. 'Caspian'

5. 'X (Feat. Mut4t3d)'

6. 'Senior (Feat. Solrakmi)'

7. 'Lamb's Lettuce'

8. 'Epson'

9. 'Pintsize Ballad'

10. 'Catchya Later'

W3imaraner - 'Caspian' [HYPROB06, 04/11/2018]

1. 'Caspian'

W3imaraner - 'Heretic!' [HYPROB05, 26/10/2018]

1. 'Rook'

2. 'Elliott'

3. 'Occipital'

4. 'A Walk'

5. 'Pib'

6. 'Hartoft'

7. 'Pedant'

8. 'Market Tower'

9. '4.6k'

10. 'I Wish People I Vaguely Know Didn't Look At Me When I Walk Past Them In The Street'

W3imaraner - 'Silica 32' [HYPROB04, 28/09/2018]

1. 'Silica 32'

2. 'Carolyn'

3. 'Pecan'

W3imaraner - 'not:' [HYPROB03, 20/08/2018]

1. 'C Liffe'

2. 'Dioauordingcre'

3. 'Rooibos'

4. 'Wilmuth Farm'

5. 'Hymn, for.'

6. 'Blakksmith'

W3imaraner - 'The Xanthorhiza' [HYPROB02, 28/11/2017]

1. 'Buses'

2. 'Thirtyeight (Radio Edit)'

3. 'That Is God'

4. 'Thank Goodness'

5. 'Orangebramble'

6. 'Burdock'

W3imaraner - 'Tricorn EP' [HYPROB01, 22/04/2017]

1. 'Inca'

2. 'Mysticocean'

3. 'Lilypad'

4. '1967'

W3imaraner - 'Skip Silence EP' [HYPROB00, 29/05/2016]

1. 'FX Carriongremlin1'

2. 'Purple Zyzzyva'

3. 'Duck Tolling'