Arthur "Junior" Robinson has gone under a plethora of names; W3imaraner, Urzla and Filton Abbey Wood to name a few. Most prevalent nowadays is Iplu, though he also occasionally makes drum 'n' bass under Kashinoki. Imagine Teenage Fanclub trying Autechre?

NGMY is an all-round electronic artist from Brazil who in October '21 released his latest LP 'Buchker' as HYPROB26 - a beautiful mix of breakbeats, glitches and ambience. A spectacle to behold in the Bandcamp age of electronica. Not one to be ignored!

Blueski is the pseudonym of Mancunian ambient and drum 'n' bass producer Blue Arora, who's first appearance on the Hyper Robin compilation 'Glowing Orange' soon lead to a debut EP, 'Ikigai', which sold out on tape after two weeks. Danny Elfman-ish composition meets Tim Hecker-ish ambience and LTJ Bukem-ish beats.

Fresh onto the internet's abstract electronic scene, Edinburgh based Calimb makes brilliantly noisy IDM sure to have any Cylob fan eagerly glued to their headphones. His debut LP, 'Sonic Environment', is HYPROB25.

LifLonRec is, in his own words, a 'person who creates weird electronic music'' - a description which somewhat belittles the substantial backlog of incredible electronic music he's written and produced. His debut album 'We Had a Quick Glitch for Dinner Tonight...' released on gatefold digipak CD in June of 2021.

Stranded in rural Alaska, renowned YouTube video-essayist and self-proclaimed "coolest guy around" Captain KRB occasionally makes leftfield synthwavey breakbeaty stuff in his spare time. His debut album, 'Slow Toast', released in December of 2021.

Belgium's Ortide is a quick beats and sneaky melody connoisseur, at times programming mindblowing Exai-esque drums and at others banging out bittersweet trance riffs or melancholy downtempos - There's no telling quite what his music will bring you when you press play.

Palastik is a British IDM/Glitch/Experimental musician residing in Canada. His first and so far only releases were scattered around the label in 2020, the same year in which he was recording a debut LP, but is more often found nowadays on his YouTube channel 'breachtones'.