W3imaraner is the name given to Junior Robinson's LoFi-Ambient-IDM-DrumNBass style experimental electronica project that has been active since Hyper Robin's initial establishment in 2014. Urzla is the secondary alias that has been around since 2019, and is the majority of what Junior continues to put out on the label.




Narciz, or Narcitron, made delightfully fucked-up electronica using nothing but one specific online freeware, but gave it up because he "felt bad for people who actually try". His sounds defy common melodic structure, and he can't turn it down. Seriously. Don't bother asking.




Palastik is an IDM/Glitch/Experimental musician from Portsmouth, UK who resides in Beer, Devon. His early 'music' was released under the alias 'Y1FFTIFU', a comedic jab at what can pass as 'experimental'. After being signed to Hyper Robin, he changed his name and started taking music seriously.

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