W3imaraner was the name given to Junior Robinson's broad experimental electronica project that was active from Hyper Robin's initial establishment in 2014 to the release of his third and final LP, 'Jagg3d', on New Year's Day of 2021. Urzla is a secondary/noise alias, used mostly as a joke.

Iplu (IDM/Experimental/Ambient) and Kashinoki (Abstract DnB/Jungle/Ambient Breakcore) crept along in 2021 upon the purchase of Ableton.




LifLonRec is, in his own words, a 'person who creates weird electronic music'' - a description that someone belittles the substantial backlog of incredible electronic music he's written and produced. A Hyper Robin regular, you'll find him on both compilations as well as his debut album 'We Had a Quick Glitch for Dinner Tonight...' on gatefold digipak CD.


               Captain KRB


Stranded in rural Alaska, renowned YouTube video-essayist and self-proclaimed "coolest guy around" Captain KRB occasionally makes leftfield synthwavey PilotRedSun-esque stuff in his spare time. His debut album, 'Slow Toast', is due some time at the tail end of 2021.




Narciz, or Narcitron, made delightfully fucked-up electronica using nothing but one specific online freeware, but gave it up because he "felt bad for people who actually try". His sounds defy common melodic structure, and he can't turn it down. Seriously. Don't bother asking.


Eko Psi


Eko Psi is an experimental electronica producer from Buenos Aires that makes nostalgia and atmosphere the core of his sound, "Repeat, remember, rework" being the motto behind all his music.




Palastik is an IDM/Glitch/Experimental musician from Portsmouth, UK who resides in Beer, Devon. His early 'music' was released under the alias 'Y1FFTIFU', a comedic jab at what can pass as 'experimental'. After being "signed" to Hyper Robin, he changed his name and started taking music seriously.




NGMY is an all-round electronic artist from Brazil who in January '21 released his latest LP 'Side Upwards' as HYPROB22 - a beautiful mix of breakbeats, glitches and ambience. A spectacle to behold in the Bandcamp age of electronica. Not one to be ignored!




Fresh onto the internet's abstract electronic scene, Edinburgh based Calimb makes brilliantly noisy IDM sure to have any Cylob fan eagerly glued to their headphones. His debut LP, 'Sonic Environment', is his first ever release and HYPROB25.